Fun Facts #1 – Cancel the (!!!!)

I passionately hate exclamation points, unless I am communicating directly and casually with a person who I know needs/wants that extra bit of clarity in “chatty” communication. And even those are rare; apparently I’m also old now, because I still prefer to tell a teammate or employee face to face (or the digital equivalent) if  I’m happy/excited/frustrated/enraged with their work.

Fun facts are random thoughts, passionate spiels, high-horses and soap boxes, and quirky details about who I am and how I think. Enjoy.

Columnist Patrick Armitage says it’s time for marketers to stop the deluge and instead raise the creative bar.

Basic grammar aside, that small yet too many sampling of emotions above is a top peeve about this easily excitable little text shape. It can mean so many things. Which also means there are so many other words and phrases that can convey what you are trying to say. If we are looking at this in the context of books and authors, you know better. We pay you to do this, to create a world and story for us with skill, not cop out gimmicks. Not by ending every emotional sentence with a screaming line, leaving us to guess which emotion you were trying for but didn’t actually say.

The other piece that grates on me with these little buggers is the perception they give of women. Whether it’s in the workplace, an Insta post, or the page of a book, it is perceived that women are both the larger offender of overusing them and those who do are less intelligent. Authors, this is why I die a little bit inside each time you abuse them. Sadly, this overuse is most prevalent in Women’s Fiction and Romance. There are some very talented and creative writers in this realm, but their genres are often seen as less than – less serious, lesser quality, formulaic. Is this correct? Of course not. But perception is quite reality, so it does matter. 

Please stop. Stop making attractive blonde women squee to their seester in a flurry of little text rockets. Stop conveying fear with “I’m going to die!” (“Run!” is exempt from this – that one is actually appropriate). Up the creativity. Use the skills you are being paid to share. And stop making me feel like a hypocrite for judging female characters as being less intelligent because you have written them in a way that makes them feel less intelligent.

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